Sunday, August 30, 2009

laptop lunch , the first pic!

I purchased my daughter a new lunchbox this year - it is a bento style 'laptop lunchbox'. I found myself using sooo many plastic baggies or buying a lot of prepackaged lunch foods. We are really trying to eat a lot healthier and staying away from as much modified, processed, non organic foods as we can. This way, I can pack them healthier lunches, use less plastic and save money on the prepackaged (to splurge on the higher quality foods). Here is her lunchbox. It has a cute bag it all slides into. I am going to be ordering one for my son soon, but we figured we would guinea pig it on my daughter (who needed a new lunchbox) before we spent the money on two.
parmasean and bread crumb encrusted chicken with organic ketchup, frozen grapes (they thaw out almost all the way by lunch time, the kids like them still just slightly icey) tomatoes from our garden, and the 'french fries' are really veggie straws. the kids love them! they taste like potato chips!

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