Sunday, August 30, 2009

dog bones

My girl goes to pre-k Tuesday and Thursdays only... so MWF's i am only making one lunch...  it is for the boy.  He is 7 now and lived on the 'bad' foods for longer.  He's an old dog so to speak.  He is more stuck in his ways and more hesitant to try new things.... but he is only 7.  There is hope!  Lots of it, actually.  We have a rule in our house.  You HAVE to try it.  You HAVE to take at least one good bite.  I have reinvented, and reintroduced several foods to the table this summer and together, we are finding 'new' foods!

I made an organic ginger/ miso sticky rice with dinner tonight along with some talapia.  He LOVED the rice!  Sooooo, the leftovers were formed into a fun shape  - dog bones...  *cheesey alert* remember, he is like an old dog learning new tricks!  We have also discovered that the boy can suck out edamame like nobodies business.  So, with the help of some leftovers, a fresh peach, yogurt with blueberries and a little flax seed granola, edamame and sea salt, I give you......  Monday's Lunch! (notice the lack of talapia... it did not pass his taste test!)

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