Friday, June 4, 2010

Last day of School Lunch

Today is the last day of school. 

For the last few days, the elementary school cafeteria has been making sack lunches for the kids.  The one I saw the other day contained an apple, bag of chips, cookie (peanut butter.. hmmmm... interesting.... ) and I am thinking there was a sandwich in there?  I can't remember exactly. 

Anyhow, I had big plans of making some of my elaborate, fancy schmancy theme lunches for the last week of school.... but the kid wanted to buy lunch.  This year, we've had some ups and downs with home lunches.  There was a time not long ago that I don't like to talk about so much.  It was when mom's lunches were not too cool and the school lunch called his name. 
We got over that and eventually, I won the home vs. school bought lunch contest this year (oh, it wasn't a contest?... sure..... whatever.  Go me, I won!). 

I can be sportsman like.  I let my son purchase lunch these last few days.
here is my effort towards today's lunch.

So is that it for the summer... hee hee, no!
Signed him up for a few weeks of summer camp - next week is science camp and lunches are to be brought from home.  They'll be learning about sharks and squids with a little CSI style mystery mixed in.... I see theme lunches in my future! woo hoo! (I need a life....).

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  1. I need a life too... All my friends are so happy that they don't have to pack lunches anymore and I've been tempted to make the boys lunches (which they eat at the kitchen table at home) in a bento box and tke a picture. :)



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