Thursday, June 10, 2010

polka dot butterfly - fun at home

I like making lunches at home at lunchtime.  In the mornings I am not always fully awake and in the evenings there are always 20 bajillion things going, all competing for my attention.  So I love our light schedule days where the kids can help make and design their own lunches.  There is no rush to make the bus or desire to just get it done and go to bed for the night.

My daughter got herself dressed today.  She picked out a butterfly shirt and a (non matching) matching butterfly skirt.  Of course both are pink.  She always picks pink.  I think she did a great job at putting this together!

Her 5 year old sense of fashion became our lunch inspiration today. 
She helped me make a butterfly sandwich.  we added strawberry polka-dots and the larger dots turned into a Caterpillar (her awesome idea!).


  1. WOW!! The butterfly is awesome. Love it!

    Have a nice day!

  2. Beautiful! F is in here with me and just said "Mama, I would like that!"

  3. AWWWH! So cute, wow I love everything in here :D You're really good, food looks fun! Suddenly I feel like a kid again..haha. In a good way. I'd love to share this to my friends in Foodista, I hope you don't mind... If you could just add the foodista widget for strawberry at the end of this post, then that would be great :)

    Please keep em coming, I really enjoy your posts. Thanks xx

    Cheers from Australia,
    Amy @ Foodista

  4. Oh my daughter would love this! So glad I found your wonderful blog! I'm now a follower. Hope you enjoyed your weekend!



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