Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy 'Lego' Birthday!

My son is into legos right now.  Actually, he is a lego FREAK right now.  They are the only toy he really even plays with.  So the lego theme was the way to go for his party.
For his birthday this year, we went in with a friend whose son shares the same birthday as my son and had a party at a local pool.  I planned to make cupcakes myself, but after traveling for a funeral that same week, I just went ahead and ordered from a local store bakery.  I found this really cool 'brick' candy and placed one into the frosting of each cupcake.  When doing the final head count, I freaked out a little.... I wasn't sure If I ordered enough cupcakes for all the invited guests and siblings.  Since we had the entire pool, we encouraged the entire family of the invited child to come and swim! 

So, I spent a minute in google land and came across a lego pool cake someone else had made.  Why invent the wheel?!  The idea was PERFECT!
I made the cake, assigned my son the task of finding lego people and making race flags.  We washed all the pieces and the other mom and I went to work decorating the cake. 
Here is the result....

Here is a pic of the lego candy cupcakes... didn't get a better pic cause I was too busy running the party!


  1. Adorable!! What a fun idea for a lego cake! :D Hope your kiddo had a fantastic birthday!

  2. How cute! My son loves legos, I am going to show him the cake and see what he thinks for his birthday.

  3. what a sweet cake! Such a great Mom! What kind is it?

  4. Kelly - the cake is whatever junky box cake mix my mother had at her house and was oh so kind to give me to save me from a trip to the store that day. The fosting is whatever junk tub mix the other mom had.
    absolutely not organic or natural on this one...



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