Friday, October 14, 2011

A post? A post!

Forgive me, for it's been over a year since my last post... (sounds like a Catholic Confessional). 

Let's see... what hasn't changed:
 well, we still eat.  I still (mostly) pack lunch for my kids everyday.  We still eat mostly all organic in the house.  I'm still Selfish (keep reading).

What has changed: 
we moved, my kids grew, and.. they became 'cool'.

Focused last year on getting the house on the market.  We sold it in just under three months, which in a crappy market isn't too shabby.  We then moved from way north Fort Worth to way north of Dallas.  My son is now in 4th grade and my daughter is in 1st grade.... oh, and the biggest change (as it relates to this blog) is that they both want NOTHING to do with my 'fancy schmancy' lunches.  He says it isn't cool anymore and because he thinks it isn't cool, she does too. I tried to convince her that they were, but big brother had more clout.  What's next, can't kiss them goodbye in the mornings in front of the school... oh yeah, I was forbidden to do that too.  Who makes the rules around here anyways? 

So... posts started dwindling last year when the lunches all started to look the same.   I stopped taking pictures because their lunches didn't seem to be much to look at.  Next thing I knew, months went by without any picture worthy lunches.  I couldn't blog if I didn't show lunchbox pictures, right?  Cause that was all against the rules or something. 

Then I randomly re-read my WHY post and started thinking about why I kept a blog in the first place.
It was for self centered, self serving, selfish reasons.  I wanted to keep myself in check, keep a 'picture diary' of lunches made so that I could refer back to them for ideas.  I wanted to document my journey.  So then the thinking continued... I am STILL on the Journey.  I still struggle with 'going organic in a frugal way'.  I definitely struggle with limiting prepackaged foods, cooking from scratch and keeping it creative and making things they will eat. 
So... yeah, no lunchbox picture attached to this blog post today.  But guess what?  Selfish Sarah over here (except my name is Amanda) makes the rules on this blog.  so there.   I am not sure where I want to take this blog exactly, but I am still on my journey and I still need to continue to keep myself in check.  So, since the under 10 crowd has stifled my creativity in the lunchbox.... they can't dictate the rest of the day.  So, since dinnerbox limbo, foodbox limbo, etc. etc. just don't cut it, Lunchbox Limbo can live on even if I choose to take it in a slightly different direction.

so there.

so.... dang, guess I just put pressure on myself to make a photo worthy dinner or something? 




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