Wednesday, December 2, 2009

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree...

Here is my daughter's lunchbox for tomorrow....

Spinach salad christmas tree with cheddar star, whole wheat tortilla trunk, carrot ornaments, and some extra carrots and sunflower seeds around the edges.  I used a little bit of press n seal to hold it in place and added a small container of raspberry vinaigrette on top of the press n' seal after taking the picture.  Some star shaped wheat tortilla and cheddar and swiss cheese, and a yogurt round out this lunch.

The star is the shape of the month at her preschool this month!  That (and the fact that I need to use up the spinach) inspired this lunch.

My son got the same lunch, plus a banana...   just that his lettuce was not in the shape of a tree.   Mr. Picky pickerton said it was ok to add some star shaped cheese though ;)  


  1. Yeah Christmas bento ... love the Xmas tree and the star on the top and a lot of spare stars too :o)

  2. You have more than one fan in our house; my daughter (age 6) is clamoring to make what she sees here. =)

  3. That is so neat and cute! I love it!

    I found you from MBC!

  4. Great looking lunch! I love the idea behind your blog.Thanks for visiting me. Will be back.



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