Wednesday, December 2, 2009

back and forth...

Just when I have my mind made up....
I received an email from Nancy, from the Obentec company. They are the makers of the Laptop Lunchbox.  After reading my last post (how cool is that!!!!), she offered me a FREE new set of 'buddy' containers (the set with my well loved larger box) and a discount on the rest of my order.
Even before recieving her email, I had spent the last few days quizzing my son to find out what a 'normal' lunch is and if he wants another laptop lunchbox or not. 

I needed to find out if it was the box or the food that was 'not normal'.

He says he likes the Laptop Lunchbox but wants more 'regular' foods inside and not the fancy lunches I sometimes make.  It felt like a stab through the heart, but I kept the smile on my face.  Besides, who am I doing 'fancy' lunches for if he does not want them??!!


I am going to humble my selfish artistic pride and get back to the focus of why this blog was created - to keep me accountable while I provide a healthy, organic/natural diet for my family as frugally as possible.   If that means it may not be a showcase of a lunch, then so be it.  If he changes his mind down the road, great.  If not, I am ok with that. 
Although..... (hee hee) my daughter on the other hand LOVES the fancy lunches, so I can still sneak them in a few days a week!  In the meantime, I am going to put an order in for the outer box and a solid color carry bag.  I will write his name on the outer bag in LARGE writing with a PERMANENT marker!  It will make lunch making more streamlined if both children have the same lunchboxes and containers to pack.

Thanks again to Nancy at Obentec!  What awesome customer service!!!  And how cool that they read my blog!

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