Thursday, March 4, 2010

fruit and veggie 'Spring' lunch

This is my daughter's lunch from today.  I found these cute little Kishu Mandarin Oranges for lunches.  I usually buy all produce organic except for bananas and avocados.  Oranges are one item I will bend on occasion and buy conventional because of the thick skin.  This was one of those cases, so the oranges are the only non-organic item today.

Apple slices, carrots, celery - all to dip in either almond butter or hummus.  Also, tomatoes and butterflies made from the Kishu orange slices and celery.  Her class is learning about Spring this week, so the little butterflies seemed fitting.  I used  a little almond butter to 'stick' them into place, BUT she told me they rolled around a bit :(  Honey is a better 'glue'.


  1. Love the butterflies! I will have to try using honey as glue, I always have trouble with little things not sticking

  2. I am encouraged by your healthy creative lunches. I try to do the same for my daughter. She has been eating school lunch but it's so unhealthy I am making her lunch again (I blogged about that yesterday). Right now I'm only creative enough to make designs out of her sandwich.. but I'll get better..

    thanks for posting your pics it gives me ideas...

  3. my little world - I'm glad to help out with ideas!
    Some days are more creative than others around here!

  4. I love, love, LOVE your blog! I've been secretly stalking you for months and I have gotten so many great ideas! My little one is 20 months and we also try and feed him an all organic diet (or as close to as possible).
    I was wondering if you'd seen the new Zoku popsicle maker from Williams Sonoma? It's kind of pricey but we love it. When he was sick, the only thing we could get him to eat was your green smoothie in popsicle form...
    Thanks for all of your hard work and great ideas!!

  5. julia, aww stalk away! glad to help with ideas!
    I Have seen the popsicle maker, I even saw all the demo videos on the WS website. I was contemplating it but wasn't sure of the reviews. Being in texas, we do have hot summers and it may be worth the investment!
    Glad to hear your son loves the green smoothies, but I certainly can't take credit for that concept! I just shared it.

  6. Wow, LOVE your blog. Can not wait to dig into your ideas and try them in my house. Now following you from FFF.

  7. Great blog! I am happy I found you on MBc and to be following you now. Please also join me at .
    xxxx Sabine

  8. I'm thinking about this for my lunch tomorrow! I love Mandarin oranges..........



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