Tuesday, March 9, 2010

secret garden

Orange slices, romaine lettuce with tomatoes and feta cheese, almond butter and jelly flower sandwiches, some dried cranberries, carrot sticks with hummus.

Someone asked me a while back if I make my own hummus - I can, and I have, but I have found that buying the large container of organic hummus (at costco) is about the same price as buying organic chickpeas for one batch.... so it is one item I have decided to go with the 'already ready already' route!

Oh yeah, why is this titled the secret garden?  I thought one little flower sandwich wasn't enough, so I did the 'cutsie' part and then covered it up with another flower.  I showed little miss last night and I think she loved it.  My kids can be so easy to please sometimes!
Here is a pic of the 'hidden' design...


  1. You have such great designs! And I buy the organic humus at Costco as well for the girls' lunch boxes. I just showed this post to my six year old and she likes your lunches so much asked could you start making hers! I'm going to try this flower design, it's way too cute to pass up! Thanks for being the Lunchbox Limbo Lunch Time Saver!

  2. I have to say...I would love to be like you !

    Following you from FFF on MBC!


  3. Wow! You know... I'm addicted to this blog. I love the idea! Grabbing a button! :)



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