Sunday, September 12, 2010

chocolate zucchini

This one isn't the prettiest lunch ever, but it does include some favorite items!  Some annies mac and cheese, banana, chocolate zucchini muffin, and a fruit strip.

For the Chocolate Zucchini muffin, I used the recipe found here and tweaked it a bit following some of 'reviewers' advice to make it healthier.  I cut back a little on the sugar and used no sugar added applesauce instead of the oil. 

A little side note on the banana - you don't see these in the lunches often, which may lead you to think my kids don't eat a lot of bananas.... the opposite.  They INHALE them.  I buy about 2 bunches weekly and they eat them at breakfast time or snacks.  This isn't the prettiest banana to put in the picture, but my kids don't care. 
 I know many children (and some adults) turn into banana snobs if they see a brown spot on the peel or the banana.   In my classroom, I would gush over the student with the brown spot on their banana and go overboard telling them how lucky they are that they got the banana with the sweet spot!  All of a sudden their sad face turned into a proud beaming smile.  


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  2. LOL! My kids FIGHT over the brown "sweet" nana's as they call them!! We always ask the produce guy if he has any in the back...glad to know we aren't the only ones who love a good ripe nanner!

  3. Just wondering how you keep the mac and cheese warm...or are your children ok with eating it cold?



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