Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Crunchy Kind

Over the last year or so, I have continued to serve salads to my kids.  It was not well recieved at first...some tears, a few rolls of the eyes, and some down right protests have occured in my house.  I found by letting them choose the toppings,  and by trying all different types of lettuce that eventually it would not be a cry fest when I served salad.  But, I never thought that it would be requested!  
I usually ask the kids if they have any ideas for their lunches when before going to store.  My daughter asked if I would buy some lettuce but only 'The Crunchy Kind' because it was her favorite.  Took me a few seconds in deep thought to realize that 'the crunchy kind' translates to 'romaine'! 

Romaine lettuce -a.k.a. 'the crunchy kind', vanilla bean yogurt with frozen blueberries, strawberry dressing, and a fruit strip.


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  2. I love how persistent you are to feed your kids a healthy diet. I have shown so many people your blog. I've been following you from the very beginning, checking in ever so often. When I tell people how they can get their kids to eat healthier and show them how you've done it. They always say, "well my kids don't eat that stuff". Our kids didn't either until that was all they had to eat! Keep it up mama!



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