Wednesday, September 1, 2010

cowboy hat for my little buckeroo

At the start of the week, I made these puzzle sandwiches.  I made a hat and a boot.  The girl got the hat, the boy got the boot.  Turns out I messed that one up big time!  SHE had wanted the boot, HE had wanted the hat.  I had made the lunches in the morning, ( I hate when I wait!) and I just lovingly shoved one into each lunch box and sent them on their merry way. 

I used the hat cutter and piled 3 turkey and tortilla sandwiches on top of each other, added a little carrot circle and a star.  When I called him over to see his lunch he right away knew I was making up for my "mess up" earlier in the week, looked at me and grinned ear to ear.  I even got a very sincere "thank you, mommy."

Sometimes people ask WHY I take the time to make 'fancy' lunches even though they sometimes shake all over and do not look the same at lunchtime.  THAT is why.  He felt special, and all it cost me was a few extra minutes in the kitchen with a cookie cutter.

carrot 'wagon wheels', grapes, salad with feta and almonds, and cheese curds round out this lunch.


  1. What a cute sandwich!!! I am sure he loved it.

  2. Love it! The hat is so adorable! :)

  3. "even though they sometimes shake all over and do not look the same at lunchtime." You can use a little of cream cheese or mayo as "glue" to hold things in place - I've used it with great success!

  4. I love the hat. The lunch is wonderful.

  5. How thoughtful of you. something I'm sure your kids will rememer when they are older. :)

    BTW, I found you on Friends following friends on MBC. I was lucky enough to meet world renowned Author and Oprah's Organizing Guru Peter Walsh yesterday, which you can read about and see a happy snap of us on my blog. I would love to see you follow/make a comment. Organize Your Life Now

    thanks bye,
    Claire Mcfee :)
    Author Organize Your Life

  6. I love your blog!

    Have a nice time!



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