Wednesday, May 12, 2010

the leak and no leak

The No Leak
I mentioned on the easylunchbox review/giveaway post (here) that before using the lunchbox, I was concerned about leakage.  Pure liquid foods (soups) should not be packed in this lunchbox, but thicker runny things like yogurt or applesauce can.  Following the instructions on the website, I placed a little plastic wrap over the yogurt portion of the container and sent it on it's merry way.
When the boy arrived home, "how was your day.. did the yogurt leak" was the first thing out of my mouth.

After a 'mom, you are a crazy freak' look, I was pleased to find out the yogurt stayed in it's own area!
Oh, and he had a good day, too.

The Leak
So after the above success with the traveling yogurt, I used one of these containers to pack my own lunch the next day.  I made a great big salad, added an olive/garlic/pepper/cheese blend in oil as a dressing on top and went on my merry way.  I had placed the box vertically in a cute little 'purse' like lunch tote that I have for myself.
When I took the container out at lunchtime, oil everywhere!  DUH!  I was half awake when I made my lunch and just didn't think about the salad dressing oils being super thin.  I neglected to use any kind of plastic wrap as a barrier.

My lunch tote had an oily sheen and my pears were garlic flavored - bleh!  I have to add that this was total user error - but just thought I should share both the right and wrong way to pack 'liquidy' items.  The easy lunchboxes are not (and do not claim to be!) totally liquid drip safe!  Next time, I will add the salad dressing  AT work and pack in a separate small container.   Still lovin' these boxes... just need to keep my brain in check when packing lunch!


  1. When I first read about this product on another blog I was intrigued but I have big reservations about it. It looks disposable. Is it softer, like the plastic that Lunchables come in? I don't like that you need a piece of plastic wrap over potential spills. Plastic wrap is what I am trying to avoid buying. :) But it could be a good backup to a different system, I guess.

  2. Michelle, it looked like that to me too on the website but it is much firmer than I expected. I, personally will continue to use the laptop lunchboxes I already have and fill in with these. My least favorite thing about them is having to use a piece of plastic wrap to prevent 'spillage', but in the case of someone looking for an inexpensive alternative to a traditional brown bag lunch filled with disposable bags and plastic bags on a daily basis it makes an excellent alternative! (wow, run on sentence of the year...). One small piece of plastic wrap would be better than an entire lunch full.



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