Monday, May 10, 2010

a little less pride

Here is a lunch sent to school last week.  You can always tell when I am sick or super busy because the creativity goes out the window and there are more 'out of a larger box' items. Last week, I was both sick and super busy so the crackers, and the chocolate bunnies were thrown into the mix.

This lunch has romaine lettuce, feta cheese and grape tomato salad, Kashi crackers with cheese curds,
cut apple slices, and chocolate annie's bunnies
If the apple looks a little less than fresh... I cut it the night before and snapped the pic in the morning just before it was time to go.  I try to buy the varieties that do not brown as easily... this my friends, was not one of those apparently!  I figured this lunch needed to be posted to show you that I am a normal, busy, mom

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