Monday, May 10, 2010

Was 'Out to Lunch'

My husband and I took a vacation to Florida two weeks ago to attend our College Alumni Weekend.  Since it was a milestone graduation anniversary year for us both (we met while in College and graduated together), we decided to fly out and attend and make it a week long vacation.   It was the first time we have ever left the kids for more than one night!  There were moments I missed them like crazy, but it was also awesome to go on a couples getaway! 
We started the week on the west coast of Florida visiting some friends and family... and the beach. 
We then went to Epcot at Disney... kidless!  Now before you pass judgement, our spoiled crew has done the Disney trip, TWICE!  But still, talk about guilt!!  I keep justifying that part of the trip in my mind by telling myself that Epcot is the 'boring' park, but the guilt is still there a little...
The last part of the trip was spent in the northeast part of Florida attending College events and visiting with friends in the area.

I had pre-scheduled some postings that week, knowing I would be away from a computer and the internet.  I had planned to come back to town and be back on schedule... but apparently I am allergic to Florida this time of year.  I came back with a terrible sinus infection, a mountain of laundry, a ton to catch up on/prep for at work along with end of the year 'stuff' for both my own children and my classroom.
So needless to say, I was pretty MIA on here last week.

I did take a few lunch pics last week, and we tested out a new lunchbox for you!  I will try to catch up on postings soon.... and I also have a lunchbox giveaway!


  1. I am also allergic to Florida at this time of year. Yuck! Sounds like a fun time otherwise tho :D And Kidlet says Epcot is the BEST disney park because you can eat your way around the world and "Who wouldn't want to do THAT?!" Haha :P

  2. Go ahead Jenn, drive that guilt stick in deeper! lol, The whole time we were there we kept saying "He would love this" "she would love that"!
    I guess we'll just have to go back before too long!

  3. I loved Epcot! That was my favorite part of DisneyWorld. By the way, I'm a teacher, too. :)
    I'm visiting from MBC friends following friends. I'm following you through friend connect (I'm new) and would love for you to follow me back.



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