Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Sweet Life

Romaine Lettuce with feta and dried cranberries, apple pieces, baked cinnamon sweet potato slices (leftover from dinner.  much better warm, but my son still wanted some in his lunch cold), and half of a homemade cinnamon roll.

I love THIS recipe for cinnamon rolls.   I thought I would be cool and all and healthify them up (well, as much as you can with a cinnamon roll).  On top of using organic ingredients, I only made 1/4 of the filling and used whole wheat pastry flour instead of regular white flour.  Um, no.  Not cool.

 There are some things in life where if you are going to do it, you do it right!  Cinnamon rolls are one of those.  These are more like a really soft wheat bread pretending to be a cinnamon roll.  Don't get me wrong, these are still really, really good.  BUT, if I had just followed the directions on the recipe as I have in the past, I would be adding about 5 more 'really's' to the previous statement!


  1. recipe, pleasE???? For your baked cinnamon sweet potato wedges. I've GOT to get my kids to eat sweet potatoes!!

  2. the ironic part of this whole blog - I am terrible at writing recipes, lol.

    but here ya go...

    For these, we used organic garnet yams.
    Wash up and sliced into rings.
    coat each side with desired oil (i used coconut)
    place in a single layer on a cookie sheet/shallow baking pan
    sprinkle with cinnamon, sprinkle a tiny bit of brown sugar, salt and nutmeg.
    bake at 350 for 20 min. flip and add seasoning to second side if desired.
    bake till soft all the way through (at least another 20 min.)

  3. thank you! And since you're reading my 'comments', can I just say that I love you?! I feel like we're just the same, although you have waaay more food creativity than I do.
    I, too, was a coupon queen. I didn't totally stock my pantry full of processed food, because I knew ti was bad. But, same story almost. Started learning, and lots of baby steps later, we buy organic as much as we can, and I make tons from scratch.
    I'm in love with your blog, and although today was the last day of school for 3 of my kids, I'm almost ready to send them back just so I can copy your lunches!!! (I just bought the easylunchboxes.)

  4. annabeth, aw, thanks. I am so glad the lunches are helpful. I sometimes have to look over the pics of old lunches I have done for inspiration myself! Hopefully I can knock out a few really good ones this week - it is my son's last week of school!



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