Sunday, February 7, 2010

cinnamon roll kind of morning

These were made with all organic ingredients.... so they are healthy, right?!

This was the second pan.  The first pan got all the ooey gooey icing (also organic).  They would have made for a better picture but they were demolished before the camera came out from hiding.
see the tin foil?!  These are being wrapped and frozen RIGHT AWAY.  Last time we made these we decided to let the second pan sit out to be picked at sit out to cool.  This time they went right in the freezer for us to enjoy another splurgo fatty fat fat sugar rush of a lazy weekend morning.

recipe here


  1. You know what, you're an angel (^_^)
    Mum and I had Starbucks cinnamon swirls today and we love them. So I said I'd look for a recipe to try making something similar in the bread machine. I come home to catch up on my blog reading and voila! You've posted a perfect solution!

  2. They look yummy! Visiting from Friends Following Friends @ MBC! Love for you to visit me! Have a great weekend!




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