Tuesday, February 23, 2010

triple decker

I asked my son what he wanted for lunch tomorrow... he suggested a double decker sandwich.  Once I was ready to cut, I figured I could fit a triple decker sandwich in the box if I placed it on it's side.  Basically this is a full sandwich with the edges hacked off and divided into three.
Veggie straws, almond and cranberry topped lettuce, carrots and dressing finish off this lunch.


  1. Triple decker sandwiches are great!

  2. I haven't commented in awhile so I just wanted to say that you have made me feel better about my skills, by not always having everything perfectly healthy and not always in a design. :) I feel less alone in this venture :)How's the Texas weather? We are supposed to get 12" of snow over the next 3 days.

  3. Yes they are, Lia!

    Frosty - there hasn't been much to comment on lately! We've seen many a busy evening/rushed mornings around here lately!
    Enjoy your snow.. keep it away from Texas! It is too cold here as it is!



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