Sunday, February 7, 2010

February shopping - week 2

This was a Kroger and a Sprouts run combined.

I picked up some pricey items this week.  The organic chicken was 6.99 a pound.  So far, this is the best price I have found for organic chicken.  Most of the stores carry it for 8.99/lb.  Oh, how I miss the days of $1.66/lb bulk store brand chicken!  Chicken has become a rare treat around here! We have a freezer full of beef from 'cow sharing', but try to only have beef once or twice a week. 

I also bought organic vanilla extract and organic almond extract.  Those were a pretty penny each even on sale and with coupons.

The cheese is not organic.  It is sargento brand.  I have a very hard time buying the organic cheese.  I cut back on a lot of things around here (chicken for one!)  but we do eat a lot of cheese.  If I buy strictly organic cheese, I wouldn't be able to purchase even a quarter of what I do now.  I am sure less dairy would be a good thing, but for now, I'm not willing to cut that back.  I think we'll lighten up on the cheese as summer hits, but while it is still cold outside, we eat a lot of foods with warm, gooey cheese on top!

 Budget - $100/week
TOTAL SPENT -  134.24
total saved with coupons this week- $19.79

Total for February so far - $167.45


  1. what are you serving in lieu of beef and chicken? Lots of pasta?... I haven't posted last weeks groceries yet but I over spent too because I bought food for chili for Superbowl and Frito Pie for my students for Mardi Gras.

  2. lately, lots of soups and side dishes as main dishes.



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