Tuesday, February 23, 2010

tres leches cake

Here is my son's lunch from Monday.   My husband's cousin was in the area for work this week and was able to come over for dinner one night.  It happened to be his birthday the next day.   So we HAD to have cake!  I made a WONDERFUL Tres Leches (that is Spanish for 'three milks') cake from a recipe off of The Pioneer Woman website. Sure, I used mostly organic ingredients but there is an old wise saying...  (Ok, I have a saying that I read somewhere once... ).  "An organic cookie is still a cookie".  So basically, there is nothing healthy about this cake.  It is soaked in three types of milk -sweetened condensed, heavy cream, and evaporated milk.  And I mean SOAKED. 

It was oh so bad, but oh so good.

Somehow, there was a piece leftover for my son's lunch.  

Wow, see how messy I was with the cherry juice?   I didn't even notice that till now.  Normally I would have wiped that off... I think I was too busy salivating over the cake as I snapped the picture.

To counter balance the badness of the cake, I threw in some green beans.  There are also crackers and cheese curds (cause three milks plus whipped cream wasn't enough dairy - ?)  and an apple.

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  1. Looks like my kind of lunch :D The cake looks so delicious!



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