Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Manicotti and hummus

No, not together - ewww.

This is a his and hers style post. 
We had manicotti for dinner and my son LOVED it.  Called it 'pizza sticks'.  Whatever works, kid!   The girl on the other hand... not crazy about it.  But, she does LOVE hummus.  So, for lunch tomorrow he gets the manicotti filled lunchbox and she gets the lunch with the hummus to dip her carrots.




  1. I found you through MB friends following friends, and am a new blog follower :)

    Love the cute sandwiches!

  2. what kind of sandwich meat did you use?

  3. oh, we LOVE hummus here! At least, the boy and I do, the so much. Thankfully she eats her veggies happily without dipping! Do you make your own?

  4. Great blog - I've given it an award! You can get it and the details here:

  5. Hi! I came over from MBC Friends Following Friends. I will definitely be following as I am trying to balance eating healthier and greener while also making a very slim budget go further. It looks like you are well on your way on that journey. I look forward to learning from you.

  6. Alison - I have been trying to buy Applegate farms lunchmeat when on sale. The deli at our 'Central Market' store sells it. I have bought primotaglio and boar's head when in a pinch.

    TBTC - I have made my own, but have found the large organic container from costco to run about the same price as it would cost for me to make my own with organic ingredients.

    Amber - Thanks for the award!



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