Monday, February 1, 2010

First February groceries

This was a small trip to Tom Thumb (a safeway store) for some basics. 
Got some great deals this week, but not as many organic items as I would have liked.  The organic salad was BOGO at 3.99.  The granola, oatmeal and crackers all had killer store catalina coupons I recieved at the checkout one day.  I stacked them with manufacturer coupons to save up to $4 on each!  They are not organic, but better ingredients than some of the alternatives.  I've been making my own granola and oatmeals lately, but I couldn't beat the price of these vs. ingredients for making my own this time around.
The tea is a treat for me that was in the clearance bin (long expire date - just discontinuing that flavor).  

Total spent - 33.21
saved $13.50 in coupons

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