Wednesday, February 24, 2010

purple potatoes

We found ORGANIC purple potatoes today!  My daughter was thrilled! 
I lightly cooked up a small one tonight and sliced it up to try and saved a few slices for lunches of course.  Guess what?!  They taste just like... wait for it....            potatoes!

I first saw purple potatoes on sherimiya's blog,  Happy Little Bento.  She always does the prettiest lunches that look like a rainbow watercolor painting or something.  They are always so bright, cheery and... well, happy!

We also found some wonderful looking, albeit expensive, organic strawberries.  They looked gorgeous, so I splurged!  I believe I have purchased frozen strawberries ONE time since fresh were in season last summer.  It was a great treat to see these in the store today. 
lettuce with parmesan and tomatoes, organic prairie ham slices, cheese, carrots, purple potatoes, and the most juiciest, beautiful organic strawberries I have seen in months... summer, we miss you!


  1. Yum!! I want summer to be here again so we can go pick strawberries! We have an organic farm not too far away and Kidlet loves to go there to eat and pick strawberries :D

  2. Looks wonderful!



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