Saturday, April 17, 2010

Babble Top 50 food bloggers

To the Oh So Lovely person out there who nominated me as a top 50 food blogger on Babble.... How cool!  And to the editors of Babble for agreeing!   Thank you for thinking so much of my little blog!
I had no idea I was on the list until a new reader (Anna, from Tall Grass Kitchen) told me. 

 Lunchbox Limbo was posted at number 26 on the Top 50 List of Mom Food Bloggers!! There are a lot of awesome food blogs on the list, so I am beyond flattered to be even remotely close to the top 50, let alone number 26!

Lunchbox Limbo also came in at number 6 in the category of  Most Budget Concious, um conscience, how 'bout conscious, yup, that's it - Most Budget Conscious - (geesh, thank goodness there isn't a super star speller category!) 

There are also quite a few other awesome food blogs posted,  I've discovered many new blogs and have enjoyed checking them out!

Check out Lunchbox Limbo's page on babble HERE

.....well if that isn't enough to light a fire under my booty to post more often :)


  1. Check out my honest scrap post. I mention you =)

  2. Congratulations! That's awesome!

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