Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Little juicy red heart shaped piece of hope

Our square foot garden is planted (post to follow another time).  I cheaped out frugally stayed budget savvy this year and planted just about everything from seed.  However, time crept up on me and I didn't get them started inside like I wanted.  Point is, everything is really tiny.
BUT, I did buy strawberry plants.  So it wasn't a shocker to me that it was the first to produce something edible! 
This is huge!  That is why this little strawberry is now called my 'little juicy red heart shaped piece of hope!'  And see the red thing behind it?  It is it's little sister.  We'll call her 'ray of sunshine'.

And look, they brought along their little friends!  welcome friends, welcome.


  1. Just stumbled upon your blog via a friend, and come to find out....I think we live very close to each other. Crazy. I've been wanting to start a garden, but am unfamiliar with this climate and really know little about gardening. Perhaps more gardening posts soon!?

  2. Just to be on the safe side, you might want to cover your strawberries with some cheesecloth or bird netting--or the birds might enjoy the berries before you get a chance to!

  3. Beautiful!!! I can't wait for our strawberries to come! So exciting. :)

  4. I recently bought our first strawberry plants and I'm transplanting them tonight. I can't wait for my own little "piece of hope!"


  5. Julie... howdy, neighbor! We can figure this garden thing out together! I am still learning as I go, but will post garden updates. It does, after all have a whole heck of a lot to do with eating lunch! Last year's garden was the whole reason this blog (and our lifestyle change) started!

    bbcd mama - I am open to tip trading as the season goes on!

    anon - great tip! I will do if I start loosing berries!!

    maria - yay for hope!



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