Thursday, April 22, 2010

dunch? linner? dinnery lunch?

I made dinner of homemade chicken nuggets, mixed veggies, honey chicken fennel, and some sweet couscous.  I really made the couscous as a snack, for tomorrow as well as something to go into my own lunch, but we went ahead and had it with dinner as well.

I started cleaning up the kitchen after dinner and asked the kids if they had ideas for their lunches.  They started rattling off items from dinner that I was putting away.  The fennel dish was gone, (not a hit with the single digit crowd anyhow) but they actually requested everything I made for dinner to go into their lunches.  They actually asked for veggies... I mean, the wanted them.  I have to say... I faked my smile to cover up my look of shock!

so, here ya go... chicken nuggets, fresh pineapple and mango,  seasoned mixed veggies, sweetened couscous (couscous with cinnamon and raisins).


  1. couscous with just cinnamon and raisins or was there something else to sweeten it? it sounds very interesting and I'd love to try it. do you have a recipe, or is it a "creation" as my husband calls them?


  2. Susan, I buy organic couscous in the bulk section of a local store and follow the couscous to water ratio. As the water boils, throw in raisins to plump and cinnamon. I added a little nutmeg to this batch, too. Once boiling, add couscous and let sit. It usually comes out a little stickier than normal. I imagine if you plumped the raisins in a different pot and added at the end it would work better... but I like the one pot thing and my kids like sticky, so it's a win-win!

  3. oh, no sugar or sweetener added. The raisins do a good job of adding sweetness.

  4. thanks! I'll give it a try. :)

  5. I'd love to hear how you made the homemade chicken nuggets. They look yummy!

  6. cut organic chicken breast into pieces

    add a little flour to panko breadcrumbs
    add salt/pepper or desired seasoning to the mixture
    toss in chicken and then pan fry in just a little oil (or bake).



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