Monday, April 26, 2010

so not my lunch

"This is not my lunch, this is not my lunch, this is not my lunch." 
I had to repeat that over and over while packing this one.  I have recently found out that not only does my son love cold hot dogs, my daughter does too.  (bleh!).   And she RANDOMLY decided that she is in love with cold corn.  It makes me shudder.  I guess I am a traditionalist.  I like it warm with a pat of butter.
Even though it is cold, I guess I should be glad she loves corn with a 'c' and not Korn with a 'k'.  It's better that the four year old is in love with cold fiber packed kernels of wholesome goodness instead of tattooed, new metal, rocker punks. **

COLD coleman's natural hot dog on whole wheat, organic ketchup, baby spinach salad with feta, COLD corn.
**not knocking tattoos... her dad and I both have a few.  Of course, mine are dumb things I picked off of 'the wall' back in the college years...  yes, mom.  I. do. regret. them.... happy?  course, I kinda want another...  addicting little suckers, aren't they?


  1. How close to the hotdogs taste to real ones?

  2. I am with you 100% on hot food! My son will also happily eat cold tofu dogs, corn, green beans, spaghetti, and all manner of other things that I find offensive! Oh well, at least they are eating good stuff :D

  3. I am new to packing lunch for my kids. They have no access to microwaves. Is there any harm to them eating things cold? I see you mention cold corn. Was it cooked, stored in the fridge and just eaten cold the next day? I've been sending leftovers and they've been eating them cold, but just wanted to make sure this is okay/safe.

  4. frosty, they are natural all beef hot dogs. They just don't have the preservatives, etc. added.

    anonymous - yup, cooked then fridged then packed for lunch. I try to add ice packs to keep it cold so it usually tastes just slightly less cool than if it came right out fridge.

  5. I have a friend who's child would only eat cold spegetti O's and cold corn when he was 4. This lasted for MONTHS. Another friend's child would only eat yogurt for about a year.
    In college I had a friend who would eat beans right out of the can.
    I'm not saying it was good for any of them, but they did survive.



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