Wednesday, April 21, 2010

field trip lunch

My son has a field trip today.  The lunch has to be totally disposable. 
 I just have not been buying much in the way of individually packaged foods.  Luckily, he had a soccer game last night and the snack that was passed out at the end was more of a mini lunch itself!
Since we got back late, he came home and he pretty much went right to bed.  He did eat one item from the feast snack but it was so late that it would have been too much on his stomach right before bed.
So, we put the gatoraide, goldfish, and apples from the soccer snack into his lunch and added some veggie chips and carrots.  


  1. On field trip days, we opt for the girls to get a brown bag lunch from the school cafeteria. It's junk, but it's once in a while and it keeps me from having to stock up on baggies and such.

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  3. lots of great ideas! I'm a sahm to 3 girls ages- 8,5,3 1/2.
    I am REALLy trying hard to turn over a NEW healthy leaf :-)
    Not going all organic but really pushing the friuts veg whole grains ect.. I would eat anyone of the meals you have listed BUT my daughters....that's a different story. I guess it's my fault because I haven't always offered THE BEST choices right along. IS THERE HOPE!!?!?!? lol!



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