Sunday, April 18, 2010

race day

I am not even going to pretend that I know a single thing about car racing or Nascar.  I just know that the races were scheduled to be today at the Texas Motor Speedway and that our family lives a stones throw away from the track.   It is a blessing and a curse to be so close.  We just stay home since the traffic and local shopping is always packed with race fans. 

Well, the rain delayed the races one more day, so what does that mean to me? Well, not running as many errands tomorrow and inspiration for a fun lunch!

On warm weather (and dry) race days, we can smell hot dogs in the air so I had to add a hot dog! This is a coleman's natural hot dog on a whole wheat bun.  The hot dog was grilled, but my son loves them cold (bleh!).  The small container has organic ketchup to go on top.

The pineapple race car has the number 7 because that is my son's age.... not for any particular driver.  It is on a bed of spinach salad.

I wanted to do an apple checkered flag.  I didn't have any apples, and wasn't heading to any stores today so... I did blueberries in yogurt as a rather abstract checkerboard. 


  1. This is unbelievably cute! (We just moved to GA from Southlake... so I can totally relate to the traffic via 114 and the like...) Glad I found your blog

  2. I just love the little car. So cute. And I can't believe he'll eat hot dogs cold!! ew! :)

  3. the professionalpalate - yup, you know what I mean! glad you found it to! I enjoyed yours as well and can't wait to see the new kitchen!

  4. mrs. fuzz, I'm right there with ya, ew!

  5. This is adorable! I am so curious--how do you keep the lunches from getting all messed up before lunch time? I am ready to pull the trigger and get one, but I can't imagine how that works?!? Do your kids carry the box flat and store it flat at school?
    Thanks in advance for the info!!

  6. julia - they don't always get there the way they were when they left the house! I have a very active boy and a very, 'twirly' girl. Keeping the box flat would be beyond impossible!

    sometimes I use press and seal, very tightly over the really 'fancy', detailed, lunches. It works very well!

    For this lunch, the pineapple was pretty wet so the almonds clung on. Sometimes I use honey, peanut butter, or cream cheese as glue - but I didn't on this lunch.
    My son has a very engineerish, scientific, matter of fact kind of personality so I think he kinda likes to see how the lunches survive the trip, or don't survive...

    for the race car, he tells me the almonds stayed, but the carrot with the number and a stripe went flying.

    I knew the blueberries were going to mix up in the yogurt, which they did. I made sure I showed him the lunch right after packing it!

  7. Ok that was really helpful! Thanks so much for explaining!!! That makes a lot more sense, I've been trying to figure this out...
    My little one is almost two, I think I might wait until he's a little older.
    Thanks again, LOVE your site :)



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