Monday, November 2, 2009

butternut squash, goat cheese, hazelnut, chicken pasta

I had butternut squash hanging out in my fridge, cubed and waiting to be cooked.  My foodie friend Michelle, was over one day and started rattling off meal ideas using the butternut squash. 

I had told her of the hazelnuts I had just purchased because of their good price.  She knew I had goat cheese on hand because we had already talked about it (yes, we talk about food... ). She also knew I had basil in my garden, and leftover chicken noodle soup in the fridge.

So, viola.  'Butternut squash, goat cheese, hazelnut, chicken pasta'.  This dish may already exist, and have a fancier name.  But, oh well!
HOLY cow, it was soooo good. 
The goat cheese mixed with the hazlenuts and slight sweetness of the squash was awesome!

I can't give you 'exact' amounts, because I really have no clue as to how much I used..... so here is the ingredient rundown and guessed amount for our family of 4 -  you can experiment amounts for yourself.

Butternut squash, goat cheese, hazelnut, chicken pasta

4 cups cooked pasta of your choice
(1 cup - ?)chicken stock
(1/4 cup- ?) goat cheese
(1/4 cup-?) of hazelnuts, crushed to small chunks
1 chicken breast,
1 medium butternut squash, cut and cubed.
2tbsp. fresh basil, chopped

Cook desired amount of noodles in a large stockpot according to package directions.  Drain water and add or make about a cup of chicken stock.  (I used about 2 cups of leftover noodles already in about one cup of chicken stock, then cooked about another 2 cups of noodles, drained and added to the existing noodles in a large stockpot.)

 Pan cook butternut squash slightly, add to stockpot of noodles/liquid.  reduced to med. heat.
In same pan used for squash, cook the chicken breast.  Add cooked chicken to pot.
Crush hazelnuts gently in a food processor.  You want these slightly chunky.  Add to pot.
Add chopped basil..... enjoy!


  1. Ooo yum! That looks delicious! I think I will add that to our menu this week, sans chicken :D

  2. The chicken didn't 'make' this dish... you could totally do without it!



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