Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I teach at the same pre-school my daughter attends, so I have the inside scoop and know ahead of time that as part of their community helpers lesson,  the town fire department will be visiting her class tomorrow and bringing a fire truck and amblance along.
So, great inspiration for a lunch! 
The firetruck is an inside out sandwich, meaning that the middle is on top for display purposes, she will have to put the bottom bread on top to eat it.  This one is made from cream cheese and strawberry jelly.  The ladder is made from cheese, black is nori.  The sandwich is sitting on top of a spinach salad.  The letters (KFD) on the truck stand for the town fire department. 

I normally do not put packaged items in their lunches.  I ran into the store for milk and saw these horizon natural 'little blends' yogurts in the discount area.  With their expiration date nearing, I went ahead and added it to the lunchbox.  These are all natural with a few organic ingredients.  The part I really love is that they have both a fruit AND a veggie blended into the yogurt (this one is banana sweet potato).

Also in this lunch is half an orange, some annie's cheddar bunnies, and an organic pickle.  It took me a while to find an organic pickle.  My girl loves pickles and could eat them all the time, but most all pickles have dye added.  Since this is something she eats a lot of, I really wanted these to be organic.


  1. Amanda, your fire truck sandwich is awesome ...

  2. Totally awesome! *wonders* Could I make an ambulance for my Dad, he's a paramedic?

  3. LOVE your fun lunchbox ideas! :) Can't wait to try out that firetruck sandwich for my little "firefighter". I left you a bloggy award at

  4. The truck looks great! Will your little one really just put the top slice of bread on it and eat nori with strawberry?

    Brave girl! =)

  5. oh heck no! They both pick the nori off. I just use it for decoration.
    My son did eat the small spiders in the halloween spider lunch, but so far that is it.

  6. sooo cute!!!
    I love those Horizon yogurts--and I don't even have kids (yet?)--I just love the carrot/strawberry for my lunch dessert.



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