Monday, November 23, 2009

grocery shopping but not for us.

School is out this week - there are a lot of children who attend our local elementary school whose main meal of the day is lunch.  With school being out an entire week that can really have an affect on grocery budgets, especially if extra daycare costs or lost work days come into play.
I spoke with the Community in Schools liaison for our elementary school and she referred me to the local food pantry.  There are a large number of students at the school who qualify for services that the food pantry provides.  Between school being out and it being thanksgiving week, they are expecting an influx of need at the food pantry.

I offered to purchase some fresh fruits and vegetables.  I was shocked at how much I could get with so little.
I filled a grocery cart with 45 apples, 45 oranges, 30 lbs. of potatoes, 12 lbs of bananas, 16 lbs of mini peeled carrots, 9 cucumbers, 17 bags of lettuce/spinach.  My main thought was grab and go items for any kids left at home while parent worked, and of course healthy and fresh foods. The food pantry normally wants non perishables, but this week is an exception and they were so thrilled with the donation.

It is eating at me that I purchased conventional produce and not organic, but I knew I could help many more people and that the fresh fruit and veggies were better than alternative foods.

total spent - $115

Ironically, I moved some term CD's around whose time was up and sure enough, the interest made was right around $115.  This means this trip has no impact on our grocery budget!

I took a picture of the groceries in the back of the car using my cell phone, but it turns out it was really a video and I can't figure out how to just add a still from it on here...


  1. You are so awesome! What a great service project. So many kiddos will benefit from your generosity. I'm visiting you from MBC. Going to sign up to follow you now. Looking forward to future posts!

    Naomi from

  2. What a great idea! Sounds like it was just meant to be. Have you got the wallet yet? I mailed it last week and should be there soon...

  3. What a fantastic thing! You're generosity is nice to see this time of year!
    I thought I outdid myself by taking in 20 items for Operation Turkey. I got most of my goods at Target and spent only $5.00 with coupons etc.
    I also wanted to let you know that I went to a pre-Thanksgiving dinner tonight and took your pumpkin dip AND it was a HUGE HIT!
    I ran out after only 5 minutes and it makes a lot!!!
    Thank you for a delicious recipe!
    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  4. Congrats and Happy Thanksgiving!
    saw your blog on Mom Blogger's Club and followed you, hope you can visit me here too.

  5. I am sure they were happy with the fresh purchases!!!

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