Friday, November 13, 2009

shopping trip

Small trip this week - went to central market and picked up just a few things.  See the little white block just above the eggs??!!  It is white chocolate. Not cheap white chocolate either - the good stuff!   I bought just enough to try this scrumptious looking pumpkin white hot chocolate recipe I stumbled across on another blog.  I pureed the pumpkin and was ready for a nice evening treat, and could not find that chocolate!  I've looked all over - fridge, pantry, you name it.  I put groceries away in a rush that day and I may have left it on the counter before walking out the door.  If that is the case.... the dog got it - plastic wrapping and all!  There is no sign of it anywhere!  

I roasted up the spaghetti squash and added toasted nuts (i had pecan chips) and sage (it is in the plastic baggie next to the eggs).  Topped with cheese, and YUM!

Other than the spaghetti squash, sage and missing white chocolate, the other items are: couscous, organic rolled oats, frozen strawberries, organic tater tots, organic sweet potatoes, avacodo, carrot chips, fresh peanut butter, organic green leaf lettuce, cereal, bananas, eggs, and yes, that is ghiradeli hot chocolate!

So, total for the week - 44.97

My husband picked up some milk on his way home this week - so add a few bucks on for that.


  1. Hi, I love your blog, and I think I might love that recipe. Could you please post a link to share the recipe? I'd be grateful, and my refrigerator will be too. I have six frozen pie pumpkins that need to be eaten now. Thank you so much, and have a wonderfully blessed day.

    Memphis, TN

  2. rachel, I can't tell you if it is good or not (wah!) but here is the link. He has a lot of other delicious pumpkin recipes posted on there too!

  3. Sadness for the chocolate, but I thought of you today when I made an awesome almond butter in my vitamix! I used roasted (instead of raw) nuts and it was divine. So roasty and creamy (instead of coolie dough-ish, though that has it's merits).

    I found a cool recipe for peppermint, chocolate almond butter on and I'm going to make it once candy canes go on sale. :)

    Just could be making tasty organic peanut butter at home...sending your husband vitamix vibes. lol

  4. As soon as you posted about that pumpkin white hot chocolate, I knew it was from Closet Cooking! That recipe is at the top of my list right now too....just need to go get the white chocolate!

  5. I went to whole foods the other day and I had a few coupons, I did pretty well I think. And they had some good sales. Last week they had Annies cereal on sale!
    I don't know how you found my site but I am glad you did so I could find yours!! :)

    Oh and I don't know if you know about Mambo Sprouts, if not it is worth a checking out!!



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