Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I had to make this one in the morning (reason for the late posting).  Simple lunch of warm noodles with parmesan cheese, a pear and some yogurt with blueberries.

For those who follow the blog, you may remember when my husband ran out to buy the cheapest thermoses possible because right in the middle of the home made lunch boycott, my son decided he loved his dad's cinnamon chili and in my frenzie on non-defeat-wantingness, I decided it HAD to go to school with him the next day.  Well, those thermoses were junk.  The chili was cold, it stained and kept a chili odor.  I trashed them and bought new ones.  I know, I know, pretty wasteful. 
The new thermoses, made by thermos brand, and are of spiderman (above) and his friend barbie (yet to be photographed.. guess she is shy?) rock my world.  The noodles stayed nice and warm today.  It cleaned up beautifully and thanks to the stainless - no smell! 


  1. We have that same thermos - love it! You are such a great Mom. You really spend a lot of time trying to make lunches healthy and fun. I hope you are appreciated for all that you do!!!

  2. Thanks, susan. The kids seem to enjoy the lunches most of the time!



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