Monday, January 18, 2010

cucumber chain

I was feeling not so creative today and pulled out the laptop lunchbox user's guide for some ideas.  I realized I had yet to try a cucumber chain and happened to have a cucumber in the fridge that needed to be eaten up!  The couscous has lime juice and fresh cilantro in it.  It was a dinner leftover.  We were surprised that the kids gobbled it up happily tonight, so they got it in their lunchboxes!

  The kiwi is sitting on top of some cut up frozen peaches.  The top container has blue cheese dressing to dip the cucumber and carrots in, and a fruitibu brand 'smooshed fruit' strip.  I bought these during the last grocery trip simply because they were half price.  I may go back to see if they have more - the kids like them and the ingredient list is all organic fruits.  No added sugar or anything else. 



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