Wednesday, January 13, 2010

GO Cowboys!

Here is a great example of a last minute morning made lunch and some quick cookie cutter-ing.

5 minutes on the clock, it was me against the big yellow can on wheels.  I checked out the playbook, and went for an classic move - a sandwich on top of a salad.  I've done that move a million times and it always scores points.  Of course I can't leave it as a plain sandwich - that just won't do....  but the clock is ticking and the boy only has shoes and teeth brushing to tackle before I rush him out the door.

I grab the giant tub of cookie cutters, not knowing the details of the plan - do I pass the sandwich on to the flower cutter - no way.  What's this?  A car... I would get too detailed.   hmmm, a helmet.  ok... ahhhh a star, now we are talking!  I grabbed them both, hustled back to the sandwich and made the cut.   Grabbed some carrots my husband had already cut (great teamwork - go defense!), squeezed out some blue cheese, cut a little lettuce star.... and showed the kid.

"OOOOOh, a Dallas Cowboy lunch"


but wait, 10 seconds on the clock, and an empty space in a container.  I grab two newman's ginger cookies, line them up, and kick them over to the empty spot.   EXTRA POINT!

The crowd (in my head) cheered!
The kid was named MVP and ran out to meet his fans (ok, the other kids on the bus) and sign autographs all day (ah, school work).


  1. Wow Amanda! Super quick bento but turned out so neat. Sometimes in limited times your creativity just push out naturally :o)

  2. That's adorable! I can't believe you could put it together so quickly!

    I've given you an award that you can pick up here:



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