Monday, January 11, 2010

'going organic' update

It's been quite a while since I just... wrote. 
Here are some random ramblings as to where I am with the whole 'going organic thing'.

  • I've never been a super cook, so I feel so out of my element sometimes.  I sometimes feel like all the other shoppers at the grocery store are chefs and I am the bumbling idiot talking to myself in the store trying to figure out what to buy and what to do with it.
  • It costs less to make more items from scratch and to spread ingredients out over a few meals for maximum 'buck bang-age'. I NEED to learn to plan menus.  We've had a lot of 'breakfast for dinner' nights and that means I planned poorly.
  • I clean with vinegar, but still use other multi-surface cleaners for the bathrooms and floors.  I feel guilty for that and I think that is dumb.
  • Organic spreadable butter doesn't spread very well.
  • Organic chicken is hard to find and expensive.  My family actually misses eating chicken 4 nights a week!  I do miss the 1.69 a pound chicken days!
  • Kids are not given enough credit.  They like more healthy foods than you think.  On the flipside, Grandma pulls out the junk and they go nuts over it...
  • Kid menu's at restaurants are pretty awful.  We are learning to order from the adult menu and split the food between the two kids (thanks michelle for opening my eyes to that one).
  • Just because I eat mostly organic doesn't mean I don't shower and like to frolic barefoot through the tulips.  I am still the same person.  There is enough yuppie in there to balance out the hippie side.
  • My budget works for my family.  It allows me to create new, fun, healthy dishes and try foods that are a little more pricey.  The days of $150 a month for tons of groceries/household items just ain't gonna happen anymore.  I can't feel like I am competing with my former self.  
  • There needs to be more organic coupons out there.
  • Some days you make a cute lunch... some days you don't!
  • Some days your kids want the cute lunch... some days they don't!


  1. Well said! I just wanted to point out this site to you I have NO affiliation with the site but I get a lot of coupons and sales tips about organic food from that site. Hope that helps.

  2. thanks Alie! I stalk there regularly!!! LOL

  3. It is funny because the more of your posts I read the more thoughts I find we share. I do feel like I am finally doing a good job of menu planning and buying the right groceries so that nothing goes bad. I am trying to post those too. There are lots of items I just haven't been able to buy organic yet because of the price but I have moved toward more natural/less processed. What I do it try to recognize all of the ingredients in anything I buy.

  4. Frugal and Organic. Isn't that an oxymoron? LOL. Just happened upon your terrific blog and thought I'd stop for a good read. I am now your loyal follower. One day when time allows, come and see mine. I'd be honored to have you as a follower too., Keri (a.k.a. Sam)

  5. Make your own spreadable butter! Beat equal parts (softened) butter with either canola oil or light olive oil (not extra-virgin) and refrigerate. It's a quick process and cheaper to do it yourself, too.

  6. Frosty - that is exactly what I do too. If I can't get an organic version, I go with the 'cleanest' label.

    anonymous - thank you! I will try that!!

  7. Just stumbled upon your blog and I love it!! When I *do* find an organic coupon I head right to eBay and try to gobble up a huge stack of them for cheap! Stonyfield had a bunch out recently for their Oikos greek yogurts ($1 off!!) and regular yogurt cups. I scooped up 20 $1/1 Oikos coupons for something like $2! Then, Whole Foods ended up having a sale, $5 for 5, and since I had all those coupons they ended up being free. I use eBay to just type in brands of stuff I like. I ended up with 2 coupons for FREE Seventh Generation all purpose cleaners for $2, free shipping. So I paid $2 for 2 cleaners that are usually about $3 each. Just thought I'd share my tips :)



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