Thursday, January 28, 2010

shopping mini trip

This was last weekend, just a small trip to sprouts and central market.   It was purely to use up some great coupons which were about to expire and pick up a few good deals or needed items.  We also picked up a bunch of organic seed packs from central market for the garden!
not in the picture - organic dijon mustard, two gallons of milk

the organic apples were .99/lb
the lundberg rices were 3.49 - $2.00 coupon on each from the mambo sprouts book!
The rice cakes were .99 after coupons.

18.08 - central market
22.24 - sprouts
Total spent - 46.30
$10.55 in coupons used


  1. Great 'couponing' I was so excited the day I used $7.00. AND I can't believe you found apples for that price.

  2. I agree with Frosty, great deal on the apples.
    I love those rice cakes, too!



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