Monday, January 4, 2010

first January shopping trip

Ran up to my classroom today to change Christmas out for Winter in the decoration department and also to prepare for the week.
I hit the Kroger near my school.  I was hoping to find some great produce deals I read about on another blog... but I guess I didn't pay attention to the geographics - those deals were in another area. 
BUT all was not lost. 
I hit some great dairy mark downs and picked up a bunch off odds and ends.

The little blends yogurts were marked down, which is no problem since my kids always eat these in a few days.  On the inside of the box is a coupon for .75 off, so not only do I keep constantly finding these marked at half price or less, but I seem to always have a coupon - after coupons, I paid less than $1 for 8. It was for sure a throw back to my mega coupon days!  Love that rush.  The kefir is a seasonal flavor and it was marked down to .49.  These are usually over $3.  The milks were 2.99 a gallon and have almost another week before they hit their date.   The organic shredded cheese was a great price for organic cheese.  The oatmeal was on closeout (my kids mix this with rolled oats to cut the sugar). 

As for the cookies.... you see 'em?  the 'man O's' (Newman O's - I tried to cover them up, lol).  Not sure how those got in the cart...   but man was I glad they hopped in!  These are my new favorite chocolate on chocolate 'oreo's'.  (my favorite vanilla and chocolate are the ones by Late July ). 

Total for this trip - $45.76


  1. You done good! (You did good, rather-just being silly!) We buy lots of the same stuff~but I am not sure if I get off as cheaply as you did, way to go!

  2. shanks, mudmama (there is my sillyness back atcha). It's so hard to tell if I do well or not sometimes. There is very little out there to compare it to. I used to do the mega-coupon shopping, so compared to that, I do awful.

  3. Looks like you got some really great deals!!! Why the discount on milk - is the expiration date approaching??




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