Monday, January 18, 2010

Oatmeal makeover

Maybe it is because I am planning out my garden, or maybe it's because the weather here has been much warmer the last few days (tease!).  Or, it could be because I am a teacher and the excitement of the 'new' school year went out the window back in oh... October.   I don't know exactly why, but I keep finding myself thinking about summer food. Lots of fresh fruits, crisp salads on warm summer days, drinking ice cold smoothies out in the sun.  Grilling (ok, husband grilling) as the kids play in the play pool..... you get the idea.

BUT it is still January.  Lots of cold mornings still, even here in hot Texas.
So....   warm breakfast foods are still the way to go... for a few months anyhow.  But I know in my house, things are starting to get super mundane.  I let my kids mix rolled oats with the flavored pre-packaged organic oatmeal packs (to kinda dillute the sugar so to speak).  But it is getting rather boring...  and cold cereal on a cold morning is a turn off.

Julie at Practically Spent has some great ideas to de-bore your morning Oatmeal.  I had never thought of adding nut butters!  Check out all her ideas here -  Oatmeal Options
Thanks, Julie!!


  1. I've never really thought to add anything other than brown sugar to oatmeal. The strawberries and bananas mentioned on the link is a great idea.

  2. love your organic blog, come on over and get in on my organic agave nectar



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