Friday, January 22, 2010

Laptop Lunches Discount Code

I guess I've done my fair share of free advertising for Laptop Lunches (the bento style lunchbox we use).  They contacted me asking if I would like to join their affliliate program... and of course, I did!

Use the code LUNCHBOXLIMBO  when you order of anything from the laptop lunches website.
You will get a discount of 10% off your order, and I will get credit for your purchase.

I don't think I need to go on and on about their products... you know I love them!
All the plastics are BPA free.


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Not sure what the comment above is referring to?? But anyhoo... this is a good deal. I bought mine at full price a couple of years ago. (And love it!) I'll be sure and pass the word on to anyone else who might be interested...

  3. I forgot to add - I highly recommend going with the 2.0 version!! It is a little taller, and you can use the larger container sold in the 'buddies' add on. We LOVE the larger container. It is the green one in my pics!

  4. Was looking at placing a pretty large order for my whole family, but the code doesn't work anymore? :( Just thought I would let you know



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