Sunday, January 3, 2010

many smiles to you

This was my son's idea.  We did a happy face lunch a while ago but his entire idea revolved around the yellow baby bell cheese and at that time, we did not have any.  There was one last baby bell in the fridge tonight, so he decided the happy face lunch needed another go.
Fitting since school resumes tomorrow.  We all had a wonderful break, but our family was together non stop for two weeks and I think we are all ready to go back to our individual routines.  He said he loved being home but is happy to go back to school.  I LOVE that he is still in that age where he LOVES going to school! 

Orange (had to chop the bottom off after the pic was taken in order to close the lid), Pb&J on a sandwich round bread with nori smile.  Homemade almond maple granola, nori on a baby bell cheese with crackers, steamed garnet yam chunks with sprinkle of brown sugar and a cinnamon smile (my son made a template to use when shaking on the cinnamon).


  1. I love the very happy lunch! What a great way to start back to school :D

  2. A lot of smiles to start a new term at school and to say that going to school is great!

  3. This is SUPER cute - and such a great idea!!

    Your newest follower - stopping by from SITS!


  4. It was so funny to read about being a bit tired of each others company. I was feeling the same way and kinda felt guilty.



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