Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Yummi Bears Organic vitamin review

Just before the holidays, we received a few kinds of Hero Nutritionals, "Yummi Bears Organics" gummy vitamins to try.  The timing was perfect, because the huge-o-mungeous bottle of vitamins I purchased for the kids in our pre-organic days had dwindled down right around turkey time and the kids had been begging for new vitamins.  I had been putting it off because I wanted to look around see what my options were for organic versions.

We received three separate bottles; a Multi-vitamin, Brain Booster, and an Immunity shield.

The Pros:
  • The kids love them.  They remind me daily to take the vitamins.  If it were not for their asking, I would forget and skip days but they seem to always remember!  
  • All three flavors taste great (The brain booster variety has an 'old people vitamin' smell - but it didn't seem to phase my kids).  The positive to these looking and tasting like regular sugar coated gummi bears is they know they are only allowed a limited number each day and I think that helps teach them good habits of eating sweets in moderation when it comes to actual candy.  
  • They are organic, and free of any artificial color, flavors and preservatives as well as , just about any typical allergy causing ingredient (soy, yeast, milk, nuts, gluten, etc.)
  • No GMO's!!
  • They are made in the USA.
  • Did I mention that my kids love these!!!
The Cons:/concerns
  • Each bottle contains 90 bears.  The daily serving for the multi-vitamin and the brain booster varieties are 3 per day.  However, the daily serving for the Immunity shield variety is 6 bears per day.  That is 12 a day out the door for just my 2 children.  I think I would be more apt to save the immunity shield to have on hand when something 'funky' is going around at school or one child is sick and I want to try anything I can to keep the other healthy.  Otherwise, with daily use, the bottle would be empty in one week!
  • The first ingredient in all three is organic evaporated cane juice.  However, most kid centered vitamins have some sort of sweetener at the top of the ingredient list so this one isn't super concerning but I have always tried to avoid the gummy vitamins in the past so the sugar doesn't end up sitting in their teeth throughout the day.  I suppose this could be fixed easily by getting in the routine of taking the vitamins just before teeth brushing time.  We are trying to get into that routine around here!
  • As with any vitamin, these would need to be kept out of reach.  The multi-vitamin variety in particular tastes just like candy!
I would be likely to purchase just the multi-vitamin for daily use, and the immunity shield to have on hand, in the future!

 - no compensation was received for this review and all the opinions above are mine.


  1. We have been using these too. My sons always remind me. We take a pro-biotic in the morning and save these ones for dinner time because they are so much like candy I can't bring myself to give it to them in the morning.

  2. LOL on the old people smell. I always describe things like that and my husband just doesn't get it. We are almost at the end of our monster bottle of gummy omegas. I'll have to look into these. :)



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