Saturday, January 23, 2010

shopping trip

I was able to just about skip a week... I made it till Friday.
This was a Tom Thumb run.  I was able to get some clearance dairy items and an organic blueberry juice for 50% off.   The sour cream we'll use in tacos this week, the cottage cheese has already been demolished (after school/work snack for all) and the milks will be gone before their date, I am sure.

Not the greatest pic, a few things are hidden - there are two sandwich rounds, a bag of onions, organic popcorn, celery, primotaglio lunch turkey, and eggs that are all hidding a little.

Total spent - 63.49

Total so far this month - 407.78

Our budget is $100 a week for organic/natural items.  I think we may be over this month since it is not quite a 5 week month - but that costco run a few weeks ago was filled with a lot of things that will save money in the long run.  For organic items, bulk at costco is definitely cheaper.  I am pretty sure between that and our beef stash, we are pretty well stocked and should come in under budget in February.


  1. You should try the homemade tortillas from Finding Joy in my Kitchen. I have made them the last few times we had tacos and my family has LOVED them. I like that I know all of the ingredients. It takes a bit of time but not too bad and it is kinda fun so your kids might be able to help.

  2. You are so right about stockpiling saving money in the long run.

  3. smart shopping! do you have trader joe's? they have very reasonably priced organic items

  4. Well done!!!

    I hope Costco to continue to expand its organic offerings!

    Carrie @ Organic and Thrifty



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