Wednesday, October 14, 2009

a big limbo for the lunchbox

I knew it was coming.... he wants to buy his lunch.

I think I may have a mini-revolt on my hands.

I am a little disappointed.   I've been working very hard to keep it fun and interesting, yet healthy.
now I have to figure out how to add money to his card online AND block the ability to buy ice cream!

I hope this passes...

UPDATE** - my husband is out buying each child a thermos right now.  He made his awesome cinnamon chili for dinner tonight and (I say this with pure shock...) the kids LOVED i!.  Soooo... chili with cheese and crackers for lunch tomorrow for both kids, and my son will buy lunch on friday.
HOPEFULLY we will be back to our 'usual' on monday.  I secretly hope his school lunch pizza on friday is burnt or cold or something.  Is that wrong?!?!


  1. Aww! How sad!! I am lucky in that Kidlet's school does not offer vegetarian options daily so he never wants to buy lunch. Phew.

    I imagine once the novelty of it has worn off you'll be back in action!

  2. It is only wrong if you guys don't share info on how to make this incredible chili.

  3. I hope he goes back to taking a lunch. I think when my son brings a lunch next year, we're going to have one day a week that's okay to eat the school lunch.

    I saw your picture and, how did she get it to look so "knitted". lol

    Let me know how the Thermos goes. I've heard that you can use the thermos for hot and cold things.

  4. agh! School lunch pizza?! School lunch pizza was like cardboard and greasy when I was in school (almost 20 years ago). I can't imagine wanting it eat it.

  5. You know what? I think it's just a peer-pressure thing ;) The novelty of greasy, unhealthy school cafeteria lunches will wear off FAST! Our kids don't know how good they have it -- being sent to school with a healthy, delicious lunch, packed with love ;)

    BTW, I love that knit TV dinner!! So cute! :D

    Faye @
    Simple changes to make every day Earth Day

  6. We have a deal in our house. Pack for Mon-Thurs and he can buy on Friday. It gives me a day off from packing and he looks forward to buying once a week.

  7. He has not brought up wanting to buy lunch for a while... who knows what next week will bring!!
    he's gone from LOVING his lunches, to wanting to buy, to wanting 'regular' lunches from home...

    If he brings up wanting to buy again, I will for sure do the one day a week thing!



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