Thursday, October 22, 2009

Witch scene lunch OR 'man-witch'

I am having way too much fun with the halloween theme this week!  Since it is still a week early, I hope that someone, somewhere is finding some ideas they can use in their own kid (or their own) lunches next week!

Here is the 'play by play' on the witch scene:
body - a tortilla ab&j (almond butter) sandwich
head/skin  - tortilla with cinnamon/sugar
eye - carrot and cucumber
hat, hair and grass - cut cucumber
broom - carrot
moon - blood orange
background - sweet couscous - raisins kinda look like bats (?!)

(sweet couscous - couscous made with cinnamon, a little sugar, and raisins)

Also in this lunch is the rest of the orange and some yogurt with some Kashi U cereal crushed on top.

The last few lunches were reported to have been all 'mixed up' by lunch time, (major bummer!!) so I am taking my friend, Michelle's advice and using press n seal to keep it in place!  I just placed the witch scene in the laptop lunchbox without the insert, then firmly placed the press n seal all around  it (pressing tightly to the lunchbox) before adding the other containers.  

Oh, and the man-witch part... after taking the pictures, loading them onto the computer, sealing up the lunch, etc., I then notice the raisin in the couscous right under the witch's nose, resembling a mustache!  OH WELL! lol


  1. Brilliant idea on the witch ... very nice!

  2. Haha I love the moustached witch! :D I always appreciate new ideas for Halloween themed lunches!

  3. Brilliant lunch! I really like the sweet cous cous. I've had cous cous twicew this week and I think I'll be trying your recipe next week in my bento!

  4. Adorable!

    Maybe the witch was dressed up as Groucho Marx for Halloween? :)

  5. O! Press and seal! I haven't tried that. I've posted about the abuse my son's lunchbox takes, and I usually glue everything together with cream cheese. But a lot of times its hard to get enough to hold it without it squooshing out and showing around the edges. I always have press and seal. I should try that! Goood tip!

  6. What a great blog! Very cute lunches. :)

  7. I am amazed with these lunches. Where were you when my daughter was little? She got ham and cheese, juice box and a treat. Wish I could have done this for her.



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