Monday, October 19, 2009

shopping trip - we have food again!

ok, ok, so we were not totally out of food.  We weren't thumb wrestling the rats for the last crumbs in the pantry... but we were out of some basics.  Things like milk, bread, COFFEE CREAMER.  You know, the necessities ( I need my crack  coffee).

So the girl and I went out today to load up on food!  We went to two stores, Central market and Kroger.  Central Market had some organic produce at good prices, and a great deal of FREE cookies (cause we needed that?) and FREE coffee creamer (which I did need), when you buy a bag of organic coffee.  One of my 'C' items.

The total spent between the two stores was $152.99 A little on the high end this week, but I still managed to save $26.79 in coupons and about another $50 (ish) in store deals (the one store does not itemize the sales for me and my math skills... well, suck  So I am not entirely sure...) but about $77 ish in savings.  Not too shabby for mostly organic/all natural shopping! 

Still hard for me since I was used to saving at least 50% in coupons and store deals all the time, but for what I am buying now, not too bad!

The best score was the laura's lean beef on clearance, with a coupon for only 1.99.
The steak was the priciest item at $12.69.  I usually don't pay that much for steak, BUT we are STILL waiting on the cow (la ti da, la ti da).   I had only been buying ground beef while waiting on the cow, but it wasn't cutting it!  The man wants a steak!  So, happy Monday babe, here's your steak!!

here are some close up shots...



  1. Looks delicious!! I feel your pain about couponing. There are so many amazing deals I pass up because there is no way my kid is eating some of the things coupons exist for :D

    I did however have an amazing shopping experience today because my Kroger had $1 bell peppers, all colors. They are so pretty :D

  2. That's super good for all organic/natural stuff. Way to go! They are getting better at putting out organic coupons, but it's still lagging. I was just on a panel about coupons and I pushed hard for more organic coupons.



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