Friday, October 9, 2009

shopping trip this week

After going way over budget last week, I mentioned that I was confident we could get by on $20 this week in order to even out the budget to an even $100 between the two weeks.
Um, yeah...
Then I actually took inventory of items I was low on.
What was I thinking?!
I put this crazy, unnecessary pressure on myself to buy mostly all organic on $100 a week. 

WHY?!    Yes, sticking to a budget is important, but $100 a week was an arbitrary nuber to start with.  And besides, what happened to the girl who said, flat out, that there would be weeks that were more and less.

I do find it challenging and frustrating at times to find the balance between my 'old' ways (the mega couponing days of 10 grocery bags for $30) and the new ways of finding only a few sales and coupons, but buying what I believe is healthier food.

so, with all that said - I went over the random number I pulled from my a...  budget. 

I went to 2 stores this week - Sprouts and Kroger.

Grand total for the week - $47.38

At sprouts, I saved $18.02 in coupons,  and spent $27.98 so that was awesome.  It was really nice having a touch of the old days in there.

 At Kroger I saved $8.71 in store deals and coupons and spent $19.40.

Sooooo... with last week and this week combined, the two weeks average out to be roughly $115 a week.  I am A-ok with that!

  • The soap dispensers I need in my classroom and the hallway bathroom at my school - they were free after coupons.
  • The big bag in the middle are sunflower seeds for my husband to take to work.  Apparently they are his latest addiction?!  At $5 a bag that was one of the more expensive items.
  • The milk was marked down to $2.99 each.
  • I had coupons for all 7 cereal boxes, and free coupons for the helens meals.
  • I've been buying a lot of brown sugar for baking - I have got to find this in bulk!

looking for organic coupons?  Susan at organic deals and coupons is a great resource!


  1. Looks like you did really. I have a hard time sticking to my grocery budget even with all the couponing and freebies. I am afraid I set my bar to low to start with.

  2. Ohhh...I am from MBC, and I love your blog! Especially the header. I'm so impressed I'm stealing your button for my blog. Come check mine out when you have time!

  3. I think you did great!

    Do you eat the Helen's frozen dinners. I got 2 last week to try becasue they were on sale, but I havn't tried them yet.

    I love Sprouts! Did you enter to win the $1,000 giveaway while you were there? If not, next time you go, look for the entry forms or ask for them.

    My Sprouts cashier said that I could use 1 coupon on each item even on the B1G1 sale! I need to adjust my list from last week. Cascadian Farms & Muir Glen will be on sale all month... I hope they include the Cascadian Farms O's, my 2 year old LOVES them. And they only have 1 gram of sugar per serving, so that's fine with me :)

    Thanks for the link love too :)

  4. Way to save=) Thanks for coming by my blog=)

  5. susan, we tried the enchilada tonight (it was one of 'those' nights!) It was... ok. not spectacular, but not bad. We microwaved it - i think the oven would have made a big difference.

    no... did not know about the sprouts contest... will have to go back!
    The O's were not on sale there - or at least not cheap enough. I got the clifford crunch at kroger on sale - they had the o's on sale there too.

    no prob. on the link - you're blog is a great resource!

  6. sarah - thanks for stopping by here! loved your blog.

    jenna - following you back and added your button, your blog cracks me up!

  7. Hi! You might benefit from joining a co-op. I live in the Mid-West and use United Buying Clubs. They have warehouses in the mid-west, east coast and in Florida, you might want to google it and see if any co-ops exist in your area or start your own!
    The savings on organics and bulk natural/ whole foods can really add up!

  8. I'm following you back from MBC! Thanks!

  9. Hi! I'm following you now, check out my blog Coolest Kid Reviews when you get a chance!

  10. Ok..I am in love with your blog. I'm from MBC and now following you with the 100 followers group. However, I must say I would follow you anyway. I am always trying to be frugal and go green.



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