Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's fall (again)... or... un-sandwich II, the sequel

Figured I would round out the week with another lunch celebrating the fact that it is now October!  Fall is my favorite season.  It is weird being in Texas though, I wore flip flops and a t-shirt today and most likely will for most of October. Maybe that is why fall themed lunches are the way I am starting the month....  I have to bring Fall to us one way or another!

As for the un-sandwich, I explained in the original un-sandwich lunch post about my son's weird meat/cheese sandwich thing.  I am happy to report that this un-sandwich met his approval and he can pick it all apart to eat in separate pieces!

The un-sandwich is made from whole wheat bread, turkey, cheese slice.
side note: I was thoroughly confused as to which lunch meat to buy.  I had a long chat with the deli guy and we decided that the primotaglio brand was the most natural of the choices.  I did the same for the cheese.

The word 'fall' is cut out of an organic fruit strip (target's archer farms brand).
Next is a small salad with some cinnamon (love cinnamon in the fall!) cranberry goat cheese, and a peach half.


  1. The way your peach is cut, it kind of looks like an acorn. :)

  2. ha ha, kinda does! too bad I didn't see that when I made the lunch, I could have made it more obvious.... hmmmmmm, maybe in another lunchbox this fall!



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